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The Cranium® Family Fun Game

Design Challenge: Cranium wanted to create a family edition of its best-selling, flagship title that was fun for the whole family and allowed everyone, no matter their age, to play and experience success.

Solution: We designed a multiple-activity game that had true parity in both gameplay and content. Activities included physical stunts and visual puzzles where kids were often better than their parents. Much of the content required participation of the whole team and allowed even the youngest members to play. We modified the classic rules to be more family friendly by making the rules simpler and the game length shorter.

Favorite Moments: The game is designed so even the youngest members of the family (often non-readers) would have an opportunity to shine. We loved seeing the sweet moment of a grade schooler high-fiving his or her younger sibling after they worked together to perform a stunt with cubes or clay.

Background: Marisa and Shanon worked on The Cranium Family Fun Game while employees at Cranium. Marisa led the concepting and game design, and Shanon developed the content.